Wartime Beauty Cheat 2 - Deodorants

Today I'm going to test out two different products used as deodorant in the war. On the left arm pit I will use witch hazel and on the right arm pit I will try bicarbonate of soda. I will keep you updated during the day as to how the work to keep me fresh and dry!

On applying each product the witch hazel left my arm pit feeling slightly damp but it soon dried off. The smell of witch hazel is not that appeling so I'll have to see how it goes as the day goes on. The bicarbonate of soda, being a powder left the armpit feeling very dry so I think it will help with any perspiration issues but it has no scent so I'm not sure how well it will cope in masking body odor. Lets see how they go later in the day.

After being active for the morning and doing an hour of tai chi pratice the witch hazel side is has slight perspiration but the bicarbonate of soda side is dry and smelling good! Lets see how they go after a shift at work that includes alot of physical work and cleaning!

After a tiring shift at work the bicarb has kept me dry and smelling good. Unfortunately the same can't be said of the witch hazel side which is rather pongy

In conclusion if I was looking for a wartime deodorant I would definitely reach for the bicarb!

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