Wartime Beauty Cheat 1 - Vaseline for Everything!

When cosmetics were hard to come by in wartime women had to come up with alternative items they could find in their medicine cabinets to use as cosmetics. Vaseline or petroleum jelly was invented in 1872 by Robert Chesebrough. Initially used to help heal cuts and burns, Vaseline was used for a whole array of things! In wartime women used Vaseline to help soften rough factory worked hands, to stop eyes looking tired and puffy from those middle of the night air raid sirens and as lip balm, mascara and eyebrow tidy.

Today I have tried substituting my normal makeup for Vaseline. Here's the before and after:
Vaseline used as lip balm, eyebrow tidy, mascara, as a luminescent eye shadow and  under the eye to reduce puffiness! I'm not sure about this bare faced chic but you can judge for yourself!

p.s Please ignore the awfully messy hair. It occurs to me that I have posted pictures of myself on this blog looking just awful all in the name of wartime experimentation so I hope they don't scare you too much dear readers!


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