Wartime Beauty Cheat Recipes - Hands

Here are some great recipes for hand creams from the Fashionable Forties blog:

A quick way to soft hands
Mix together lemon juice, rosewater and glycerol and massage into the hands.

To soften and whiten the hands
2 egg yolks re whipped together, then stir in;
2 tablespoons almond oil
30 g of rose water
2 g of tincture of benzoin
Turn a pair of gloves inside out and dip them in the cream, turn them right and put them on and then sleep in them. I would use rubber gloves, back then gloves made of what is called ""laundryleather"" was used. I'm not quite sure of what that was.

Hand creme
2 g of wheat starch
2 g of distilled water
18 g of glycerol
1 g of rose oil
Stir in a water bath until it is smoothly creamy. Take of the heat and continue to stir until cold.

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