Hair Challenge - Day 2

Well readers my attempt at pincurls was a bit disastrous. When I took them out my hair was straight with a slight curl on the end so when I brushed it out it resembled a 60's bouffant more than anything 1940's. In order to keep this experiment going I have put my hair up in victory rolls. Its a little hard to see from this picture. Tonight I will cheat slightly by wetting it down and putting in some curlers to see if I get a better result tomorrow! Apologies for the slightly dodgy iPhone picture it doesn't really show the rolls very well as its hard to see any contrast on black hair!


  1. Quick tip - never brush a curl! Finger-combing is a-okay, but the more you brush, the more they fall. Especially if you can't use a hairspray to hold them better.

  2. Oh thanks for the tip! I'll certainly give this a try next time I curl my hair. x