Recipes Week

Well we've come to the end of recipes week but keep checking back throughout the year as I will update this section regularly with any wartime recipes I try.

For now I'll leave you with these food etiquette rules that any good wartime housewife should obey:

Food etiquette rules:
Don't tell the family what a dish is made from until the have tasted - and liked - it
Don't moan about the food you couldnt get before you served it
Do praise your cooking in advance to encourage appetites
Do use favourite flavourings ruthlessly to cover less popular meals and serve them with grace
Do talk pleasant small talk at each meal
Don't mention the gas bill until everyone has finished
Don't panic if large numbers arrive, you can dump almost anything into your original dish to spin it out, just like the miracle of the loaves and fishes. Oatmeal, tapioca, rice, vegetable tops, chutneys or soups can substantiate any meal.

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  1. Emma -

    I love this collection of curiosities from the past that you've assembled. I really want to try one of the recipes this weekend when time permits.

    As they used to say... you're a heck of a gal, and a good egg. Good going, Sista!