Wartime Beauty Tips

When times were tough and beauty products were hard to come by women had to think up some novel ways to stay beautiful. Here are some of the best wartime beauty tips I've found:

Puffy eyes – from lack of sleep or constant worrying – were solved by dabbing the trusty petroleum jelly under the eyes at night time.

In order to get the perky-breasted look pinups were sporting women stuffed their bras with tissue.  Any teenage girl who has tried this can tell you its probably not to be recommended

Skin efoliator -mix sugar and a little warm water or lemon juice to act as a skin exfoliator.

Silky smooth hands - Working all day in a factory was never good for their hands so women would take some petroleum jelly with them to work to apply before going home. This kept their hands soft and supple and is easily re-created by keeping a small tin of Vaseline in your bag for all emergencies.

A glowing face - prepare a bowl of iced water and soak a cloth in it, wring the cloth out and place on your face then rub an ice cube over all of the curves and repeat this for ten minutes every day.

Shiny hair - after washing rinse hair with vinegar for brunettes and lemon juice for blondes.

Vinegar - could also be used on hands after soap to counteract the acid in soap and keep hands in tip top condition.

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