Beauty is your Duty - Week 3

This week I will be concentrating on cosmetics and beauty products. During the war the ingredients used to make cosmetics were hard to come by so make up was not always available.Women had to come up with ingenious ways to stay beautiful as beauty was their duty. Women felt that putting their best face forward was one of the ways to prove their patriotism and spite Hitler. Hitler banned makeup in Germany as he was a vegetarian and they contained animal product. Women also put on makeup to boost moral. When men went of to fight they had to step into traditionally male roles by taking jobs in factories and other traditionally masculine environments so women could slick on make up to make them feel feminine again.

Most makeup was unavailable and the makeup that was available was packaged very plainly so that it didn't waste precious resources. The only cosmetic widely available was red lipstick and women wore it every day as a symbol of their patriotism.

This week I will be trying different wartime beauty cheats and I will bring you the results so stay tuned.

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