Wartime Beauty Fix No 2 - Pumice Stone Instead of a Razor

In the wartime women could not always get hold of razors so sometimes had to resort to using a pumice stone to buff away leg hairs. Today I tried this for myself with little success. This may be due to the fact that I only shaved them a little while back so the hairs were not that long only like stubble really and also I have dark hair so it may be tougher to buff away. I did try to get before and after pics but my camera couldn't really pick up a difference so no pictures today!

If you want to try this for yourself be sure to lather the legs and wet the stone then use gentle circular motions. I cannot stress the gentle enough as if you push to hard you will end up with a painful rash. Its also an idea to moisturise with a good moisturiser after as this method removes moisture from the skin.

If anyone has tried this and had better results please let me know!


  1. No I haven't tried this but I do have a 'silky smooth hair mitt' which is 40s, it's palm-of-the-hand sized piece of blackened paper, like an emery board, and works the same way as the pumice stone should. I haven't used as I want to keep it (it's all in the original packaging) but I'm told they're very good.

  2. i use this method regularly and have wonderful results, the secret is lots of lather, and use the pumice in a circular motion. good luck on your next attempt