Wartime Beauty Fix No 1 - Salt as Toothpaste

During the war some products were hard to come by, toothpaste was one of these. When toothpaste was in short supply people would use salt to clean their teeth so today I tried this for myself.

OK so I apologise its a bit gross to post a pic of dirty teeth! Plus they're a little wonky!

After: My teeth felt cleaner than they do with regular toothpaste and sparkly and my mouth felt great. Salt has antiseptic qualities so it gives your mouth a really good clean and helps prevent plaque. If you mix one part salt to two parts baking soda it gives an excellent all round clean. If you wish to try this out for yourself be sure to use table salt not rock salt as rock salt is quite abrasive and may damage tooth enamel.


  1. That's after one clean??? OMG that's amazing!

  2. yeah it is but to be honest i think the flash was brighter on the second pic cos they werent THAT white. They were definately whiter though and felt cleaner.

  3. Emma, how long did you try using salt as your toothpaste? Whoa, the results are amazing. And it saves you money, too! Although the flash on the second pic is brighter, I don't think it did enough to "exaggerate" the results. If this can be used for a long time, then teeth whitening won't ever be a problem anymore. Cheers! :)

  4. Hi Ed

    This was after one very good scrub! It works really well and is also meant to be good at reducing plaque due to the antibacterial properties of salt.

    However I have read that using rock salt to clean your teeth on a long term basis can damage your tooth enamel so it might be best to check with a dentist first before using this method long term.