My Vintage Beauty Regime

This week I will follow a vintage beauty regime. To be honest its the same routine I've been using for some time so no big change here but its very simple and effective for anyone looking to change their routine. I started using this routine after moving to Australia and experiencing a new climate. My skin had always been dry/combination but the humidity seemed to turn it oily. I was reticent to put products on my skin where I would need a chemistry degree to decode the ingredients list on the back of the bottle so I looked back to the 40's to see what women then would have used and came up with this:Yes its Pears soap. My routine is that easy, I simply wash my face morning and night with pears soap and then use my own home made cold cream that's made to an extremely old recipe which is as follows:
•4 tablespoons sweet almond oil (olive oil works too)
•1 tablespoon grated beeswax
•pinch borax (use this ingredient cautiously)
•rosewater 5ml essence to 10ml water

1.Melt the wax into the oil and remove from the heat.
2. Stir the borax into a small cupful of the rosewater. This helps emulsify the mixture. You can manage without the borax, but the cream will probably be thicker as you will not be able to incorporate as much liquid.
3. Add the rosewater a drop at a time, stirring constantly. When you think that the cream will not accept any more liquid (small beads of liquid will refuse to stir in), stop adding, and keep stirring very gently as the cream cools down.
Pot into a scrupulously clean jar.

This makes a wonderful cleansing cream if massaged into the face well before washing with a good handmade soap. If you normally couldn’t even think about using real soap on your skin, this cream adds an extra oily layer that should prevent drying. The other way to use this is as an overnight moisture pack on dry hands or feet. Massage it generously into the skin then wear thin cotton socks on your hands or feet to prevent getting salve all over the bedding. In the morning, you should find that all the cream has been absorbed leaving your skin feeling like new.

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