The Idea Behind the Blog

Welcome readers to my new blog. I'm Emma previously of Emma aime. The idea for this new blog came about when I was sitting thinking what it would have been like to live during the Second World War as a housewife on the home front. To go through rationing, waving you're other half off as the go to fight, evacuating you're children and heading out to work the whole time trying to maintain a glamorous image.

The initial idea for the blog was to live exactly as if it was the war years for a year and to document my experiences. However after thinking of the realities of how hard this would be (trying to work out how much clothes and food I would be rationed for a year alone gave me a headache) I decided the idea was just too extreme. Instead this blog will concentrate on one aspect of living as a wartime wife on the home front each month. I will bring you monthly topics such as Food, Clothing, Beauty, Around the Home, In the Workplace, Hobbies and Leisure Time and many more.

This first month kicks of the project as 'Beauty for Duty' month. Stay tuned for posts on wartime beauty fixes and much more besides.

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